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Since 1996, two brothers Oleg and Maksim Kostiushko organized the company for the recycling of waste paper, in a rented school № 12 and № 26 Secondary School.
Outbuildings used for the organization of items recycled. Since then began the development of our company.

All these years we are developing intensively, increased the number of collection points. The range of recyclable materials received today is: waste paper, polyethylene, PET bottle, foam, glass, tin, wood and other species.

In 1999, rented and eventually bought the cumulative Base on address: Str. Mira, 21. All these years, we continuously invest in the development of our company, we use the latest technology and equipment. Constantly visit the world exhibitions and events that affect the subject of waste management.

From 2004 to us has Joined Sergei Stepanchuk and organized in our company Department for removal of household waste. Starting with a Zil-130, we have developed a fleet of up to 20 european garbage cars, as well as invented and implemented a system of effective waste disposal in the privat sectors of the Kyiv City. We were first who introduced the technology to separate garbage collection in Kyiv City.

The company is constantly growing and developing. Employees are taught the latest methods of work, develop new product range and types of equipment.

"Kramar Recycling" stable family owned company that has a long positive reputation and stable product quality.





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