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"Kramar Recycling" - a company with years of experience in the field of integrated waste management. Our main advantages - a long-standing good reputation, professionalism and high quality products.

Integrated waste management - a very important and necessary procedure for any big city. After all, the sanitary condition of the settlement depends primarily on how effectively and efficiently will be collected and recycled garbage. Every day, hundreds and thousands of tons of waste sent to municipal landfills from small and large Ukrainian cities. Livelihoods of the modern city, such as such as Kyiv, is associated with the consumption of large amounts of marketable products, construction, demolition and reconstruction of buildings and structures for various purposes, repairs and maintenance of kilometers of retail and office space, on a daily basis leads to the formation of thousands of tons of waste recycled, which need recycling. The main activities of our company is:

Garbage collection
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Timely removal of debris, waste disposal, recycling and waste management maintains a comfortable and safe accommodation of people in big cities. In everyday notion of "Garbage" - is usually removal of domestic waste. However, removal of domestic waste is only a small fraction of its total. Garbage collection, waste disposal, industrial solid and liquid waste, the waste soil, snow, and so on require additional technical capabilities, specialized fleet, special containers and qualified personnel.

"Kramar Recycling" specializing in daily garbage disposal of any origin. We are a licensed company, we have all the necessary permits. We have developing our business for over 10 years. Over the years our specialists have acquired considerable experience in all areas of this segment.





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